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Celebrate Sant Jordi with Slastik

Celebrate Sant Jordi with Slastik

Sant Jordi is a very special day in Barcelona. Eyewear from Barcelona is proud of the city that gives the name of the company. And that is why we want to introduce you this tradition.

Every April 23rd, Barcelona streets are full spaces dedicated to books and roses. It’s a day to celebrate love and culture, with this tradition that supports reading.


According to the legend, there was a terrifying dragon located in the village of Montblanc. The dragon was hungry so, every day, it ate one random person of the village. Consequently, one day, the princess was the chosen one. Luckily, a knight came out to rescue her before the dragon could ate her. And this knight took a red rose that grew from the blood of the dragon, and offered to the princess.

So, the tradition says that each April 23rd, people should give red roses & books to their loving ones.


In addition, this tradition coincides with the international day of the book, so there will not be a better excuse to buy a book today.

Maybe you want to celebrate this special day with us, so we have brought you some Slastik Optical options for reading. Perfect for your new books.

Our Slastik Jabba is for reading, with flexible head band and adjustable rods for greater comfort. The Jabba model is available in 20 different colors and prescriptions in | +1.0 | | +1.5 | | +2.0 | | +2.5 | | +3.0 | | +3.5 |


Slastik Jabba 013 | Red

All our lenses are anti-reflective and some models already have the Anti Blue Light filter, against the harmful blue light. That’s why the Slastik Windu are perfect for reading your mobile devices too.

Slastik Windu 009 | Black Red

If you want to know all the available models, visit our Slastik Optical collection. You have pre-graduated glasses and also the option to graduate them according to your needs.


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