Sport Optical

Sport Optical

Sport Optical

Our Sport Optical line is designed specially to face the challenges of a dynamic lifestyle. Each one of our designs is developed from the most recent optic technology, using neodymium magnets with antioxidant treatment for a heightened resistance against water and sweat, as well as the fixture system headband FIT which perfectly adapts to your head.

The advantages of the SEPAK, KORA and NUBA collections include the perfect fit and personalised adaption, providing the utmost comfort without pressure. They provide guarantee against breakage, falls and loss.

Although the glasses are valid for any type of activity, they are recommended for tennis, squash, table tennis, badminton, cycling, gym, running, trecking, hiking and sailing.

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gafas deportivas Slastik
Nuba 002 | Gafas Magnéticas Slastik


Kora 001 | Gagas con imán Slastik


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